Rennes start-up “Gift Dun Bicycle” snatched from Instagram - Brittany

Rennes start-up “Gift Dun Bicycle” snatched from Instagram – Brittany

It is a small company with six employees, which promises to inform and train women about menstrual cycles. Launched in 2019 by Cesson-Sévigné (35), the start-up “Kiffe ton cycle” has been interacting a lot through social networks to “break down barriers to women’s intimacy”. It had a growing community of 29,800 subscribers on Facebook and 25,000 subscribers on Instagram, as of Friday, December 10, 2021.

The “fed every day without stopping for two years” insta profile was abruptly deleted by the social network. Without the start-up team it would not be possible to run it again for now. The creator of the “Gift Ton Cycle”, Gayle Balthasari, is not fully understood. The malfunction message did not specify any reason. Maybe talking about the uterus or ovaries did not please the way of American society? I like to think that there is no human will. But I see a little bit of police thinking in it. ”

“Only two hypotheses”

The business manager spoke at length A Facebook video In this regard, he referred to the hashtag #Kiffetoncycle and called on supporters to create stories on their own Instagram accounts. More than a hundred followed. “We believe the social network is reacting and we do not have to start anew. For us, there are only two hypotheses, Gaëlle Baldassari continues. Done! Or a small group of people joined in to report our profile, as happened on other sites. It would be a shame. ”

Miss to win

In both cases, the forty-year-old considered the decision unreasonable. “We’m a small feminist company, but not an activist. We do not publish anything discriminatory. The effect of the company’s operation is not neutral. The manager laments, “We are in the process of hiring beta testers to improve our future pay training and naturopathy program. This disappearance of Instagram radars is low records, so financial returns. Clearly there will be no Christmas bonus.”

Other shortfalls may come from investors. “We are also preparing to raise M 1 M € to create an application related to painful and pathological periods. The material is already banned and risky. Instagram’s arbitrary decision gives an unsafe image to the people who support us. We can only condemn it.

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