From Auckland to Las Vegas, via Los Angeles, the story of the riders in the NFL

From Auckland to Las Vegas, via Los Angeles, the story of the riders in the NFL

Myth of the Oakland Riders

The Raiders were born in Auckland in 1960, while the AFL, the NFL’s rival league (the two leagues merged ten years later). They play against the Green Pack in 1968 – and clearly lose (14-33) – the second Super Bowl in history, against the Green Pack in 1968. The team continued to play in the play-offs in the 70s, shaping its legend with players such as quarterback Ken Stapler. Strong offensive lineman Jean Apsha and Art Shell and fierce defensive backs Willie Brown and Jack Tatum.

The Raiders were crowned Super Bowl in 1977 after adjusting to Minnesota (32-14). Another star on the team: Coach John Madden, who would later pursue a successful career as a television consultant and give his name to a popular video game. Auckland won his second Super Bowl in 1981. However, the Raiders leaders moved the team to Los Angeles next year as they were unable to set up the pitch as they wished.

Los Angeles Riders: Scene Time!

In Los Angeles, magic catches up quickly. In 1984, after the Raiders mocked Washington (38-9), they removed the defensive champion and favorite Super Bowl. The stars of the time were Marcus Allen, who ran after the MVP of the final, and was voted the best player in the NFL two years later, and the defensive end was Howie Long, a Zack expert.

The colors (black and gray) and the Riders logo (a pirate headband and helmet player with two swords in the background) are all rage. They were popularized by the gangsta rap group NWA. Ryder Nation was born in Los Angeles. This is one Fan sites Most important in the NFL. Some fans will wear costumes worthy of a sci-fi movie or not Imaginary. Ryder Nation will be immortalized in a book: “It is better to rule in hell” (“It is better to rule in hell”).

But it is in LA that the results are declining and the stands are filling up less. A fresh start took place in 1995, after the Riders owner refused to share his stadium with another team. Direction … Oakland.

The possibility of turning it into a fantasy film.  (G. Burke / USA Today Sports / Press Sports)

The possibility of turning it into a fantasy film. (G. Burke / USA Today Sports / Press Sports)

Auckland II, return

Riders find out what their real home might have been. However, they have been waiting a few years to return to lead roles. In 2000, he was the finalist for the Auckland Conference, and two years later qualified for the Super Bowl against Tampa Back.

With Riders Offense, MVP Rich Cannon of the season, Jerry Rice all-time top receiver, his replacement ego Tim Brown and defensive backs Charles Woodson and Rod Woodson, the Raiders offense stands out. But against the terrible defense of Tampa Bay (21-48) Oakland has crumbled and can not recover. From 2003 to 2019, the team enjoyed only one positive season.

Looking for a new lease of life and still having stadium issues (Oakland Coliseum is often one of the least active in the NFL), the Raiders are leaving California in 2020 after 60 years of good and loyal service. They meet in Las Vegas.

New update in Las Vegas

For the first time in its history, Gaming Capital has an NFL rights. Last year, for their Nevada debut, the Raiders started with six wins and three defeats, but then broke down and missed out on qualifying for the playoffs. The current season is following the same path. After a successful kickoff, Las Vegas has won just one of its last five matches.

The team is mainly loyal to Derek Carr (30), whose quarterback since 2014, based on the three-time All-Star, he last picked up in the playoffs (in 2016). This season, the car has thrown over 3,600 yards and 17 touchdowns. Defensive decision Yannick Ngakoue, author of eight excuses, for his part, is the head of defense.

With just five days to go before the end of the regular season, the Raiders are in the race for play-offs, but practically necessary to reach the clear round. Starting Sunday in Kansas City?

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