Freddie Freeman and Braves are more out of a deal than previously thought

I was wet from the start: I think Freddie Freeman will play his next game for the Dodgers. Is there.

Sorry, Sebastien.

We know that the Atlanta Braves have always been fond of retaining the services of Freddie Freeman. However, over time, we understand that in 2011-2012 the situation in Albert Pujols in St. Louis began to resemble.

It all started when we learned that Braves did not want to offer Freeman his sixth year contract. There was enough water in the air to see some soldiers Alex Antopoulos start to see.

Since then, clubs like the Yankees and Dodgers have been serious about the first paceman thing. Clubs like Toronto are also in Derby at one point, but don’t hold your breath.

But in Atlanta? No contract was awarded prior to the labor dispute. I could not believe it.

I would like to see a team not offer a ridiculous deal like the one that Astros did with Carlos Korea. But what I do not understand is why the brave did not give him what he wanted. His claims are said to have been around for six years and $ 180 million.

In fact, the Dodgers are increasingly starting to become a major player Derby. The California native found his way into LA and I feel loved by the Dodgers.

LA needs a big name to fill the departures of Corey Caesar and Max Scherzer. I hope moving Tree Turner to the shortstop and Max Manzi to the second will make everyone happy, and the club wants to take a big hit after a hard start to the off – season.

So yes, I predict Freeman in Los Angeles after the labor dispute is over. I’m mistaken because I want to see him stay in Atlanta, but I’m less confident.

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