“El Intronata” is a film by Jose Arpolita – Le Club

"El Intronata" is a film by Jose Arpolita - Le Club

Film of the 42nd edition of the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema to be held in Havana in 2021: Introductory By Jose Arpolita

The image perceived by the image in real scenes, Introductory Jose Arpolita explores the roots of Norman McLaren’s insane animation to question the world in which the media, which is ubiquitous on television screens such as computers and phones, is polluting society as a whole. The shortlisted character, who shares a subjective view, then leads the dreamer into a dizzy bracket, where he escapes from this curious world, repeating its endless actions and locking him into a claustrophobic space.

“The Intronaut” by Jose Arpolita © Pokosharts

Made mainly of cardboard decor, the animation is deliberately jerky to emphasize the animation of the film, while the materials are invented from a variety of materials. The imagination of the audience who did not fail to touch the jury of the 42nd edition of the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana in 2021 was very captivating and won him the Coral Award. Best animated short film.

By Jose Arpolita
15 minutes 52 seconds. Colombia, 2020.
Source language: Silence

Avec: Enzo Daniel Megia Mendes, Jose Arpolita, Juan Carlos Rosaro Quintero, Catherine McCormick Perez
Screenplay: Natalia Polo Lopez, Jose Arpolita
Pictures: Jorge Andrés Prieto Amaya
Editing: Rodolfo Rodríguez Blandón
Animation: Rodolfo Rodríguez Blandón
Music: Miguel Rodríguez Blandón
Design Sonor: Miguel Rodriguez Blondon
Production: Pyramid Studios
Producers: Natalia Polo Lopez, Jose Arpolita
International Sales: Pokosharts Movie

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