The U.S. drone flew for the first time from Hawaii to Guam over 6,000 kilometers with low ground support.

Un dron estadounidense vuela por primera vez más de 6.000 kilómetros desde Hawái hasta Guam con apoyo terrestre limitado


11 dic 2021 02:37 GMT

The MQ-9 Reaper drone was part of the Ace Reaper exercise, details of which were released on December 7.

An American MQ-9 Reaper drone flew for the first time from Hawaii to the island of Guam, demonstrating the ability to fly over 6,000 kilometers and make long-haul flights with low ground support and unskilled ground personnel.

The trip is part of the Ace Reaper exercise that took place between September 13 and October 6. However, the Pacific Air Force Revealed Details this December 7th only.

Long distance to reach the goal

Initially, the spacecraft was operated by the 556th Test and Assessment Force (TES) under satellite control from the Greece Air Force Base in Nevada to the Marine Corps base in Hawaii. An automatic departure and landing mode Significantly modified, built with pictures only. “

During its arrival, the MQ-9 Reaper made five domestic flights and was used to train six crews who were not trained for the aircraft’s ground work.

The drone was then sent to Anderson Airport in Guam. An on-ground operator controlled the landing using a reinforced aircraft maintenance test station A booth hue.

The aircraft confirmed the capability of the instrument to carry traffic “with reduced satellite bandwidth”. Migration from one satellite to anotherLt. Col. Michael Similewski, head of the 556th TES, stressed that training shows that MQ-9 is not needed. […] No equipment“To carry out release and recovery operations.

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“All of these have been reduced by almost 90% in maintenance manpower, 95% in maintenance equipment and 100% in launch and rescue equipment,” Similevsky concluded.

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