The most infamous photo of Larry Bird at its peak

Larry Bird avec les Celtics

Legend has it that Larry Bird may be ruthless on the floors. This is how I learned the hard way of a particular Maxi Box who was affected by an unknown but cult photo …

An exceptional player with a magical record, Larry Byrd is one of the biggest junk talkers in NBA history. Besides, it is A collection of his 10 scariest stories in this regard Delight those who are interested in you.

But if he can destabilize any enemy with words, Larry Legend may be violent without saying a word. That said, Muggsy Bogues can certify better than anyone. From his 60m height (not more than a centimeter, not less than one), Point Card is still the smallest player in the big league to date.

Larry Byrd quietly mocks Maxie Focus in the middle of a game

This small amount in the world of giants, the former Hornets had to make up for with an incredible mindset, which allowed him to lead a decent career (averaging 8 points and 8 assists in the 14 seasons he spent in the NBA). After all, like a lorry bird, without respect or pressure, many who came to make fun of the size of the bucks by tapping him on the head with their fists, saw a “prey” to him. School:


Accustomed to this kind of behavior, Fox did not react and moved quickly. Not always Michael Jordan In 1995, MJ retired and came out, wanting to prove to everyone that he was still in that position. With the bulls hooked by the heroic Hornets in the playoffs, and dropping his side 2-2 and one point in the series, Maxie has a chance to change things. Instead of defending, Jordan retreats, leaving out a few words:

Take the dwarf shot you punch

Bugs shooter, and completely miss. A year later, he said he did not regain his shot and his position after this painful episode.

Faced with native killers like Michael Jordan and Larry Byrd, Muggsy Bogues got a lot of credit for being productive throughout his years in the NBA. Hots off to this player who is definitely unique in league history.

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