“Players cutting off Cobert don’t watch enough basketball”

Rudy Gobert en conférence de presse

For one reason or another, a lot of American players and spectators want to choose Rudy Cobert. Slightly over-trend, a player in the league strongly condemned. Good name.

2 All-Star exams, 4 All-NBA teams, 3 Best Defenseman of the Year titles, 5 All-Defensive teams. It’s part of Rudy Cobert’s impressive record, and he’s still 29 years ahead of him. The problem is, as long as this CV has a hand, it will not vaccinate the French against criticism, especially …

Over the years, many NBA players have actually sent spikes to Cobert, and it is not clear why or how Saint-Quentin’s origin crystallizes so many emotions. Most recently, for example, are Anthony Edwards and Patrick Beverly Their venom spilled so hard after the Wolves lost to the Jazz

Supported by Rudy Cobert Edwards and a player who scored Beverly

Comments are not always relevant, except when they are unpleasant. Ant Mann explained that Christophe Borgingis was a better circle defender than Cobert, which made the French teammate in Utah, Joe Ingles, laugh in yellow. His response was harsh:

Commenting on the criticism against Rudy Cobert, Joe Ingles said: “I do not understand. Edwards says Porsingis is more intimidating than Rudy. Apparently, they don’t watch enough basketball. Borgingis may have once resisted badly, or something. I do not know “.

The good news in this story is that the whole jazz team up with Cobert in the face of criticism. Aside from Ingles, the much-heard-in owner, star owner Donovan Mitchell in the locker room also openly supported the center, recalling that Rudy was “nothing but the best defender of the year.”

Cobert began to get used to all kinds of beats, and he seems to have learned to use them to motivate himself. Best in the last game against Philadelphia, The Stiffle Tower delivered the best quality season, supporting the numbers: 14.9 points, 14.7 rebounds and 2.2 blocks on average.

If he was not openly unanimous in the NBA, Rudy Cobert could be proud of what he has achieved and his teammates will not be misled. After all, there is nothing like external critics to weld a jazz band with great ambitions this season.

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