Plans: Apple’s new cards coming soon to Australia, France?

Plans: Apple's new cards coming soon to Australia, France?

Stealthily, Apple updated its maps on the map, improving the accuracy of their visual representation, adding information and looking around. The latest country to benefit from these concentrations is Australia. The first phase – their full application in the United States – was launched in September 2018 and is scheduled for completion by the end of 2019 (this was finally done January 2020)

These maps illustrate in more detail the terrain of the land, the traffic lanes, the buildings in the big cities and the small buildings and the enchanting view of Google Street View that gives the impression of walking. Two cities on the archipelago – Sydney and Melbourne – will soon be fitted with advanced route operations that show directions in augmented reality.

After the United States but before Australia, Apple released these innovations in only a few countries – Great Britain and Ireland, Canada, Spain and Portugal Then Italy At the beginning of the last school year.

Things are progressing slowly, but the next step may be France. Suggests Justin O’Brien, Apple’s True Supervisor for Projects.

Apple included Europe in its plan for 2020, but without specifying the order or calendar of countries. Covid 19 plans may have been shaken. Ireland and the United Kingdom were verified in October 2020, but did not go to the Iberian Peninsula and Italy until June and September.

However, Apple Maps cars performed better in Europe in the first half of the year Many countries were visited And, for some, like France or Germany, vehicles use pedestrian mapping with a backpack or iPod to navigate restricted streets.

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