NASA launches rocket to accelerate “dual black holes” near the Earth

NASA launches rocket to accelerate "dual black holes" near the Earth

NASA launches sophisticated telescope IXPE rocket into space about 89 million light-years away to explore and discover the most mysterious things in the universe, including the newly discovered “black hole” very close to Earth.

Today (December 10, 64) is the collaboration between NASA and the Italian space agency to launch the Space Telescope, also known as the Imaging X – Polarimetry Explorer or IXPE. At a cost of $ 214 million or approximately 7,160 million baht, the IXPE telescope will orbit 539 km above the Earth, marking SpaceX’s 27th space flight this year.

The IXPE TV camera has 3 advanced technologies capable of measuring polarity. Or to indicate the angle of rotation of the X-ray light. This allows the camera to explore and record the most mysterious objects in the universe. Including black holes and sources of radio and magnetic energy in the galaxy of the universe. The highest temperature is one million degrees Celsius.

Found near the earth

Earlier, astronomers at the Strasbourg Laboratory in France discovered a pair of supermassive black holes with the VLT telescope. The largest European Southern Sky Observatory (ESO) is a binary black hole. NGC 7727, located at the center of the galaxy, is the closest galaxy to Earth, about 89 million light-years away, breaking the previous record of finding a pair of black holes 470 million light-years from Earth.

Black holes are about 154 million times heavier than the Sun in our solar system. The black hole, on the other hand, has a mass of 6.3 million solar masses. Both black holes may contain images of multiple fusion of these galaxies. And many more hidden large black holes are still waiting to be discovered. In the future, the two will collide and merge together in about 250 million years.

A recent study by a team of German astronomers has found that the new black hole may also be a precious metal melt for stars in the universe.

Found near the earth

Dr. Oliver Just, one of the researchers uses computer models to prove that under certain conditions a new black hole will absorb the intercolectic dust and gas cloud that surrounds it. Heavy elements can form at different masses and inside the rotating disk with enormous energy currently orbiting the black hole

Like a supernova explosion or the eruption of a star when a star is destroyed. Massive force will make the atoms collide violently. So that each atom can capture neutrons with each other quickly in the blink of an eye. This led to the synthesis of new types of nuclei and atoms of heavier elements. This process, called the R-process, became the source of the precious metals on Earth. Be it gold, silver, platinum or uranium.

IXPE cameras sent by NASA can record images. Astronomers understand the nature of black holes and other mysterious objects in the universe.

Photo from AFP

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