An idea to save the MLB draft … and help end the strike

An idea to save the MLB draft ... and help end the strike

Good or bad idea? Do teams that invest the most in trying to win the Major League Baseball draft have better options?

Currently The MLB Draft She has an interesting rule that sets her apart from all other professional leagues: her draft prioritizes teams that do badly when selecting players for the next generation.

While this may seem like a good idea, in theory it makes it possible to balance the game (providing better future players to teams in trouble) resulting in multiple teams. M.L.P. Spend many years “rebuilding”. An unpopular practice, known as “tankin” among connoisseurs, is one of the main obstacles in the negotiations between the owners and the players’ union to reach a new collective agreement.

Now in other leagues like the NBA the draft is by lottery, i.e. the order is up to chance, which works but leaves much to chance, is there a proposal that will reward teams, be fair and help elevate team status?

Yes, Analyst M.L.P. Jason Stark has one thing for the athlete: a draft is not the worst or the best, but rewards those closest to him.

How? ‘Or’ What? If you think about it, its logic is:

Rewarding those at the top creates a very random league, rewarding those at the bottom promotes mediocrity, and what does that tell us if we offer better draft choices for those who fail to advance to the playoffs? Teams like the Blue Jays, Mariners, Athletics and Reds may fail in the playoffs and try again with little support.

Good idea, isn’t it? This is how you reward those who have tried other than the Orioles, who have been the No. 1 draft choice and “eternal restructuring” for three decades. That way, more teams fighting against the playoffs and more teams trying to compete with those draft players.

What do you think? We saw him beautifully.

Here is the original article with the proposal, which is a great idea to help prevent strike negotiations on at least one issue: the infamous “tank”.

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