Wine with Oreo flavor? Chaotic American advertising campaign

Wine with Oreo flavor?  Chaotic American advertising campaign

It’s hard to imagine in France. This Thursday, the American brand Barefoot was one of the largest distributors Alcohol Oreo introduced a bottle of red wine in the United States, at risk of confusion. Description.

“With our new best friends, we have created a limited edition wine that will make your taste buds explode in chocolate delight,” the company announced on Twitter, placing its bottle and cookies in the ad.

Immediately, French Internet users became angry. “There are wars that started less than that …”, paradoxically a journalist was horrified at the idea of ​​having Oreo in his wine.

In fact, it is a partnership between the two brands, offering their customers a pack for $ 24.99.

If the barefoot feels that their wine goes right with the questionable cookies, the two are not mixed, but matched, showing the natural hints of black cherries and blackberries in American antiquity and the extra flavor and chocolate flavor. We do not remake ourselves.

The brand has already marketed a white wine with an artificial pineapple flavor. The brand promises or can deceive very interested French people. Offer available in US only.

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