Twitter has less than 2,000 users worldwide

Twitter has less than 2,000 users worldwide

Despite its success, Twitter does not work with over 2,000 reviewers worldwide. Information published by BFM This Thursday. It has only one moderator per 200,000 users. This data appears in a document sent by the social network to the Paris Court of Appeal, which consulted the BFM. Social networking really is
France has been accused of violating moderation Hateful and racist content. Many associations, including SOS Racisme, SOS Homophobia or Lycra.

He was convicted and appealed in July 2021 for Twitter violations. In self-defense, the US agency sent documents to the judiciary proving its useful moderation. The number of evaluators has already been sent to the National Audiovisual Council (CSA) and comes from a report released in September.

Humans are less efficient than algorithms

Twitter explains that its moderate structure is mainly based on algorithms, which are considered to be very efficient. The document reads, “We will not solve a large-scale moderate challenge with too many human resources.” “We are very talented […] By using more technology and increasing our teams proportionately. “

Twitter is not just a social network, it’s associations for justice and its sobriety. Facebook, which has been widely criticized in this regard, uses a total of 15,000 raters, according to BFM. With a massive 2.9 billion users, it represents an average of 190,000 Internet users.

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