This sheer wallpaper is a real madness

Este Fondo de Pantalla Transparente es una auténtica locura

Google Play is packed Cool applications, Absurd or essential. Today we are not going to give you the best apps of this year or one Top of applications Essential. Today’s application is completely inexpensive, but fascinating. If you want to give yourself a unique touch Skills Recommend that you try. This is a putting application Seamless wallpaper. Yes, it can be done and it is absolutely spectacular.

This background uses the camera to be transparent

Of course you have seen Explicit mobiles In movies or renders. It may be soon, but not now. What exists is an application in which a Seamless wallpaper Thanks for using the camera in real time. Before downloading the app, we did not think the results would be so good.

The truth is, the app asks you for camera permissions and you have to select the ‘transparent’ wallpaper. When you do what you do Wallpaper is a time record Real Of the rear camera. The result? You The smartphone looks obvious And the icons seem to be floating.

It sounds really ridiculous, but it’s so interesting to try and see the feeling with your own eyes. It works properly and Icons seem to float on the screen. Of course, you will need a moderately powerful smartphone because the middle / lower limit performance may be affected and change slowly.

Also, this Wallpaper costs a lot. We have not tested it for several hours, but its use is not enjoyable due to its energy consumption. Nevertheless, this is something very interesting, we recommend you to try, because the application weighs little and is completely free.

Below There is a transparent screen And you can already try it the easy way! How? Do you know him?

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