The first 100% Algerian film titled “Until the End of Time”

The first 100% Algerian film titled "Until the End of Time"

Algeria – The 100% Algerian movie “Until the End of Time”, directed by Yasmin Saiyik, has landed on streaming company Netflix. Don’t move! Dzair Daily informs you more about this issue on Friday, December 10, 2021.

The American streaming company is enriched with many new features every month. There is something between romantic jokes, horror, detective thrillers, documentaries … everything. In addition, the Algerian movie “Until the End of Time” was recently added to Netflix. Now Algerian movie fans have a good reason to get accounts for the streaming service!

Good news for Algerian cinema fans! For the first time, the US operating system offered its subscribers the opportunity to appreciate 100% Algerian work. It is a romantic comedy-drama produced in 2018 by Algerian filmmaker Yasmin Soyik. This is exactly what the Arabic-speaking media are reporting. என்னஹார் In its edition this Thursday.

The film is remarkable, Until the final moment, Has been a success at many popular festivals. He toured the Mediterranean festivals. We quote Caps and Cinidelser. In addition, the film has already won six (06) awards. We especially mention the prize for Best Screenplay at Fil d’Oujda (FMFO)’s MacRae Festival. Annaba also received the D’Or Prize at the Annaba Mediterranean Film Festival.

More details about the Algerian film

Algerian star Jameela Ars ஜோr plays Johar in the production of “Making of Productions”. An elderly widow who has lost the desire to live. But who is starting to look at life differently? This was after he met with Ali, the tomb guard and grave digger. The role is played by Algerian actor Boudjemaa Djilali.

Are you ready for your cinema session this weekend? However, you no longer have excuses. Because this Algerian cinematography work is now in one click!

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