Norway refuses to replace fir tree in Trafalgar Square

After its installation, the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square, a little thinner and bald, was criticized a lot. He was considered for replacement, but Norway refused to send a second.

Adventures of a Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square: Episode 56. You may have already seen a large Christmas tree 24 feet high with bare branches and a slender appearance. Every year, Norway sends a Christmas tree to Trifalkar Square as a token of friendship and gratitude to Great Britain. In 2021, this Giveaway was widely criticized by Internet users (And by some members of our editorial staff, the story is so much fun, we recognize it), Because the tree is not really very beautiful in its varieties.

Do Phryn Branches Have Social Dissociation?

Admittedly, this year the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square is reaching out to win. Social networks rejoiced at the occasion of mocking Norway’s gift, and teasingly wondered if it would be seen as an indirect sign of a diplomatic crisis unknown to the people. Lord Mayor Andrew Smith of Westminster recalled this. Its shape and size may vary “, The official account of the tree allowed a joke in this matter. In a tweet full of self-respect, he makes it clear that everything is fine: the branches of the tree are simply social deviation. Everything is explained!

Norway will not return the second Christmas tree

Following these endless criticisms and jokes, the tree replacement was considered. Anne Habedrick, leader of the Norwegian Conservative Party, explains: ” I have seen pictures of the tree being sad, it should not be. So the Oslo Council held a referendum to decide whether to send a second tree to Britain; One of the concerns is that he could not come on time. The trees are brought to London by boat every year.

Finally, during a budget meeting, it was decided that Norway would not return the second tree to the UK. Trafalgar Square is in danger of being envied by the success of the Rockefeller Center in New York City, and must be satisfied with its small tree.

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