NFL: Davis Mills is set to launch the Texans quarterback throughout the season

NFL: Davis Mills is set to launch the Texans quarterback throughout the season

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Avant-garde Seahawks-Texans

HOUSTON – Houston Texans have sidelined senior quarterback Tyrod Taylor and will join the Rookie Davis Mills squad at the end of the regular season, head coach David Gully announced Friday.

Gully Mills replaced Taylor in the third quarter (2-10) of the Texans game last week, trailing 21-0 against the Indianapolis Golds. The Texan system eventually lost 31-0.

Gully analyzed the situation this week before making his decision, meaning Mills will face the Seahawks in Seattle on Sunday.

“He gives us the best chance to win,” Gully said of Mills.

Mills was selected in the third round from Stanford University, replacing the injured Taylor with eight interceptions and seven touchdowns in six games.

Taylor has made five interceptions against two touchdowns in four games since returning from a hamstring injury.

Taylor started the season quarterback for the Texans, while Teshan Watson sought a settlement and faced 22 criminal charges of harassment or sexual assault.

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