L'inquiétude continue pour Luka Doncic à Dallas ! NBA

“Luca Tansik is cheating on me! He’s overweight, that’s a shame”

Luca Tonsik is in a special situation at the start of the season… He is coming out of the figures Terrible, But not at the peak of his game because of the very low hidden excess weight, which is especially annoying to an analyst.

Since last season, all the experts expect Luca Tansik He becomes a player at the MVP level, can shine, can lead his team to the Western Conference and playoff rounds, and even win the title. But it is clear that it does not need to progress at the pace expected by all fans. This season, it seems to be stagnant …

She posted photos of herself with her weight on social media. Slovenian Bradigi admitted to being in poor physical condition, Which explains the sluggish start of the season. Personally he is not ridiculous as he still runs with an average of 25.6 points, 8.5 assists and 8 rebounds per game, but these figures are not specifically translated as wins. Mavericks has a balanced record of 12 wins and 12 defeats, far beyond expectations.

Luca Tansic was ashamed, according to Shannon Sharp

If Luca is a major Coke in wins, he is also open to criticism in failures. His attitude is sometimes annoying, he never makes the right choices, never trusts his teammates ியில் in his show There is no denyingShannon Sharp was very clear: he was disappointed to see Mavericks, especially the overweight leader.

This is so bad… I was so disappointed about Luca. Here’s his problem: He weighs several kilos, he’s still 28 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists every night … How can he say he wants to lose weight ?! If he is bad on the pitch and his numbers are declining, he will find it for himself. But since he still dominates, no one can tell him anything. But his position is embarrassing for a high-level athlete.

All he has to do in life is play his game. He does not have to swim, does not play boxing like some people… He has to play basketball and he can not get in shape! When did he realize it was physically wrong? It is a shame that someone who earns so much does not care about gaining weight during the season. He already had the same problem last season, and he finished in the All-NBA first team …

In fact, Luca Danzig started overweight last season, which did not bother him much after a long hiatus and bubble … but this year, the Mavericks leader did not stop between the playoffs and the Olympics, which does. His weight gain is very worrying. Will he succeed in the years to come? It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Luca Tonsic is in a paradoxical situation… He is in poor physical shape, many extra pounds, yet he has dominated since coming into the league. Shannon wonders if Sharp will ever click.

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