In Montreal, Moment Factory dreams of being the first multimedia entertainment studio

In Montreal, Moment Factory dreams of being the first multimedia entertainment studio
Created by Moment Factory and presented to passengers at Grand Central Station in New York on December 9-11, 2021.

Like any self-respecting technology company, Moment Factory cannot hire its architects, designers, technicians, makers and sound artists in a “cool” environment: the old red brick factory building, located nearby. Mile-Ex fashion, in Montreal, has been renovated to house its headquarters and main offices, opening up a large common room for work and mandatory compatibility.

Table football (essential), piano (quiet for months due to the Covid 19 epidemic), smiling Buddha, plenty of greenery, beer available in the fridge and screens on the walls and screens on the walls reminiscent of the company’s psychedelic and mesmerizing images: with its 400 employees, the world’s first Creates a multimedia entertainment studio.

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Made in Montreal in 2001, Moment Factory made a name for itself with some highlights: Madonna’s performance in the context of breathtaking visual effects – according to a process known as “VJing”, for these shows. Scenes in real time. – During the Super Bowl final in 2012, it was watched by nearly 114 million spectators; In 2020, a production of a live concert with a giant spider and sea for American star Billy Elise or a light show closing the Tokyo Olympics in August.

Long-term installations

Today, however, the Moment Factory supports its growth, especially in the long-term installations, in the cultural and logistics sectors. In 2015, after fitting digital installations at the Shinjuku station in Tokyo, the world’s busiest public transport hub, the new international terminal at Los Angeles Airport was equipped with video facilities to facilitate passenger travel and use data. To provide real-time information on weather or flight schedules, Montreal has won a new call for tenders for a permanent multimedia project at Liberty Airport in New York (New York).

Since summer, the facade of Reims Cathedral comes to life under the game of light. An interactive mobile application allows each visitor to deepen their knowledge of the tradition

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