How can you profit from match betting sites

If all betting comes with the guarantee of returning a profit, many people will start betting more. However, there is a strategy that you can employ in online gambling that will guarantee you a win all the time, albeit in small amounts. There are some match betting sites that offers you a form of bet that will make you always win when you bet. This information may seem too good to be true, but this is a strategy that many people have been using for a while now to earn extra money.

How Does It Work?

Unlike a regular bet where you only get to predict an outcome, and when the result is as predicted, you win the bet. If the result goes against your prediction, you lose out on the bet. This kind of betting will have you leaving a whole lot of things to chance, especially if you have multiple selections in the game. Using football, for example, if you bet that Scotland will win a match and they end up losing or drawing the game, you will lose your stake. Matched betting strategy can eliminate these risks because you will wager on all possible outcomes of the game you are playing.

Using football as an example again, if you stake on the over2.5 market option on a match, you can also play a counter bet of under2.5 market option for that exact match. That way, no matter the outcome of the game, you are guaranteed of getting your original stake plus a profit that will depend on which selection had the bigger odds. However, to use the matched betting strategy, the two outcomes you are betting on must have close odds. If not, you may end up losing more than you stake.

Let’s assume that Scotland is playing against England, and a bookie gives them 2.50 for the over2.5 option and that bookie or another bookie give them 3.00 for the under2.5 option. This kind of game is a perfect one to use the matched betting strategy for because if you stake £100 on both outcomes, your total stake will be £200. If both teams score a minimum of three goals in the match, that means that the over2.5 option wins, and you will get a return of £250. When you take out your original stake of £200, you will have a profit of £50.

If both teams fail to score more than two goals in the match, that means that the under2.5 option wins, and you will get a return of £300, which means that after taking out your £200 stake, you will have a profit of £100.

Another way to maximize your profits with matched betting strategy is by using a free bet offer to play. Most online betting sites always offer free bets to new or returning customers to entice them and keep them as customers. You can take advantage of this offer by playing a matched bet with this bonus offer. Assuming a betting site offers you £100 as a welcome bonus, you can repeat the strategy as stated above, using your free bonus on one of the options, and playing the other option with your own money. Regardless of the outcome, your profit is guaranteed, but it will be more favourable if you use the free bonus on the bigger odds, as that will increase your earnings.

Are There Risks Involved In Matched Betting?

After reading all of these, you may wonder if there are any risks involved with match betting strategy. The answer is Yes! As much as it is a guaranteed form of gambling that eliminates any option of losing, you may still lose if any of the following happens.

  • You Make A Mistake: This strategy may seem easy to carry out, but it requires accurate calculations. You have to weigh out all possible outcomes and calculate which ones will favour you the most. If you make a single mistake in estimating the result of events, you may find yourself losing all your stakes.
  • Fail To Read And Adhere To Terms and Conditions: Every betting site have their terms and conditions (T&C). These T&Cs vary from site to site, and as such, if you assume that you already know the terms of a new site you are about to join because you are familiar with that of other sites, it may be highly detrimental to your chances.

For example, not all betting websites allow you to use a matched betting strategy or use a bonus offer to play the strategy. If you use the strategy on a site where it is not allowed, you may end up forfeiting the bet and have your online account shut down.

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