When exploring the United States classified as “American Rust”, “Mare of Eastown”, “Maid” series

When exploring the United States classified as "American Rust", "Mare of Eastown", "Maid" series

Following Trump’s victory, white outsiders impressed writers with their participation. The portrait in this “white trash” three series has long been invisible.

They live in the Northeastern United States, Somewhere between New York and San Francisco. They have never taken a plane yet. They stay in mobile homes, count their dollars to the nearest hundred, drink beer at the counter of a local bar, and allow themselves to forget the life of odd jobs and this great future that will be denied to them. In 2016, this margin of white Americans at the bottom of the social ladder, referred to as. White trash, The US president who took Donald Trump to the White House took part in the election swing.

By listening to their voices, these people who have strayed from the American dream have aroused the curiosity of an unprecedented dimension. Political analysts, sociologists and even screenwriters have seen people who have been forgotten and angered by the industrialization of the “rust belt” that stretches from Chicago to the Atlantic coast and from the Canadian border to the Appalachians.

A USA classified as including series Easttown Murray, American Rust, Adapted from a novel written by Philip Meyer, or Maid (Located in Washington state, the series was filmed in Canada), Taken from Stephanie Land’s memoirs, a striking X-ray.

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