WhatsApp emits sound waves in the voice note feature, it looks like

WhatsApp emits sound waves in the voice note feature, it looks like

Brilio.net – Instant messaging application Share Improved advanced features, voice notes. Can be used by iOS and Android users, the voice note or voice message feature is now fitted with the latest display or user interface (UI). This display will provide the waveform in the voice message.

Photo: WA Beta Info

As is well known, so far the voice note Share Shows only one button “Play”. The scene is enriched by the appearance of sound waves as a filler.

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According to the official WA beta info blog, testers at some WhatsApp beta companies are now able to see the sound waves that appear in chat bubbles or conversation bubbles.

However, not all users can see the sound waves in the voice note feature. It depends on the version of WhatsApp that the user is using.

This feature is not displayed on older versions of WhatsApp users. For the rest, the new look of Soundwave is currently being released for select WA beta testers on iOS and Android, and its implementation will be scheduled after some updates are released.

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