Briefly MLB: Danny Duffy wants to return in June | Impact of Kim Engine

Briefly MLB: Danny Duffy wants to return in June |  Impact of Kim Engine

Danny Duffy wants to be back in June

He has been undergoing surgery for the past few months.

Evidence of rising contracts

Max Scherzer earns six times more money a year than Barry Ponds.

Trouble selling Angel Stadium land

The sale did not comply with California laws. What does this mean for angels?

L’Impact de Kim Ng

Thanks to her, more and more women are hoping for an important position.

Talking about Jasson Dominguez

The Yankees opportunity was well received in New York.

How to get out of the stalemate?

Ken Rosenthal has a plan.

A special protection over time?

Apparently, in the days of Babe Ruth, the guys were already moving.

Charles-Alexis Prespois

From the beginning of the site to the present, Charles has been a true baseball fan. He wants fans to reflex to choose Passion MLB for information and that baseball should continue to gain prominence in Quebec. You can continue to ask him at 91.9 Sports to discuss MLB news.

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