L'intérieur NBA star des New Orleans Pelicans, Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson’s friend climbed on the plate!

Season Williamson was never criticized as he was at the start of the season. In fact, he faces many images of being overweight, experts worry and question him Health Of life. An angry friend offered to protect him.

Zion Williamson He should have been one of the biggest stars in the league this season, he should have battled it out for the playoffs with Brandon Ingram on his side, and he should have returned to the All-Star game for a second season in a row … Unfortunately this time around, the interior is hospitalized for an injury that will take longer than expected to heal.

In his absence the team is less likely to make bad decisions and go to the playoffs, Some experts are starting to talk about a possible white season, A history that allows Zion to find an optimal shape and control the risks of future rebirth. The interior has been isolated for several months due to its weight problems, especially since it works at this level. Except, His last photos are more than worrying

Zion Williamson is thinner than advertised

He must complete his rehab and return to health, The n ° 1 of draft 2019 would have reached a record weight It doesn’t have to be compatible with a very high level game … thankfully, in the storm, he can count on the support of some friends. On social networks, a certain Jay Neville talked about photography in support of Zion’s weight.

Z came and got my guys interested this weekend … you should be quiet seeing this fake news about his weight … humans have a weird rage about failing.

Zion Williamson looks much slimmer in these photos than the ones that have caused a stir on social media in recent days. This seems to be a far cry from the shocking weight announced by some journalists, but again, the angle is misleading, especially since wearing a darker dress known to be thinner on the inside. Anyway, no one can figure out what the Pelicans know about Zion’s health, his friend also wanted to point out.

It’s funny how many people think what’s going on with the NBA franchise … you think wrong

Season Williamson’s weight is one of the big topics at the start of the season, and will remain that way as long as he’s on the pitch. The interior can in any case count on the support of its friends in this matter.

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