West Side Story: Where to see the original image?

West Side Story: Where to see the original image?

The famous musical, which tells us about the impossible love between two young men who joined rival gangs in New York in the 1950s, is an essential work of American cinema. Must watch absolutely before or after watching the remake of Steven Spielberg (Masterful) in cinema.

A monumental film, in every sense of the word, hits theaters in France this Wednesday, December 8: adaptation Western story By Steven Spielberg. It is the first song by the famous director and is absolutely stunning with its XXL dances and stunning vintage costumes. Carried by two young faces from Hollywood (Ansel Elgard and Rachel Jeckler) it is a remake of a classic film of modern American cinema that follows the same plot of the film and immerses us again in the same setting. Original. “Legend of love developing in the aftermath of a 1957 rivalry between rival gangs in New York“, The summary of this new feature sums it up nicely.

For those who have heard vaguely Western story, This is a great love story Romy Yo and Juliet, Thus moved to New York in the 1950s between two young men who were completely separate. He, Tony, is a former member of the Jets. She, Maria, is the sister of the leader of the sharks. Two gangs making the law when not fighting in the West Side neighborhood. Two clans identifying social tensions in the context of racism between the white community as a result of European immigration on the one hand, and the Puerto Ricans who came to live the American dream in the Big Apple on the other.

Music at 10 Oscars

This improbable love story, originally set to Broadway in music by Leonard Bernstein, was released in the early 1960s and brought the whole of America together. Western story Not less than 10 statues in Oscars, Including the Most Valuable Awards for Best Picture and Best Director, shared between filmmaker Robert Wise and choreographer Jerome Robbins. As we pay tribute to him all the way to France, with a wink Jack Demi Inside Young Women in Rocheford, The musical is one of the 100 best movies of all time in the most serious rating ever established.American Film Company. An important job, we tell you.

Also, we warmly invite you to watch (again) before or perhaps after seeing the remake in Dark Rooms. Western story Original. To see what a great classic it became, rediscover the legendary music series United StatesPutting Rita Moreno in front of the Oscar-winning character for Best Supporting Actress 60 years ago and understanding Spielberg’s good intervention in their original form or not, Haryana Dipos’ Anita’s gorgeous … OK, but how, you ask?

No worries, no need to move heaven and earth to find the original creation. You just have to grab your remote control and you can choose between two solutions! Western story, A 1962 film, actually Definitely available on VOD, but this is just part of the (extensive) list of Amazon Prime videos. And the good news is that in 2012, when it completes its 50th year, you will get good picture quality, in one or two, from the fact that popular music received a good digital overhaul!

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