Scientists will darken the sun: Support by Jeff Bezos

Scientists will darken the sun: Support by Jeff Bezos

Amazon, a technology company founded and led by Jeff Bezos, a well-known entrepreneur and the world’s second richest man, supports scientists researching the concept of “darkening the sun”.

According to Kismoto, the company has partnered with the US National Center for Atmospheric Research and Silverling, a non-profit geoengineering organization.

As part of this collaboration, a computer simulation was developed showing what would happen to the earth by blocking certain rays of the sun.

Amazon has actually made its powerful computer processors available to researchers to create 30 different simulations of the Earth’s future climate.

In one of these simulations, aerosols were injected into the atmosphere to reduce sunlight. It turned out that this action would greatly cool the planet.

In this situation, blocking sunlight will reduce the damage caused by carbon emissions and freeze the oceans for a long time.

Built on supercomputers

Climate models that provide insight into the Earth’s future and past conditions are often developed on expensive supercomputers.

That’s where the Amazon partnership comes in, allowing climate researchers to use the company’s cloud computing system.

“Cloud computing is reaching a point where we can consider supporting this type of work,” said Kelly Wanser, Managing Director of Silverling.

If the climate crisis continues …

According to scientists, if the climate crisis continues like this, the warmest years recorded in late 2010 will become average temperatures in the coming years. In this case, the sea ice will fall to record levels and in some seasons will disappear completely.

In addition, water demand is expected to increase by 55 percent by 2050. Many countries, especially South Africa, need to increase measures to reduce water consumption.

For this reason, the idea of ​​blocking some light from the sun came to the fore in a study conducted by South African scientists last year.

Scientists at the University of Cape Town have planned to release large amounts of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere above the city, permanently “darkening” the sun and conserving water resources.

The project was said to reduce the risk of water scarcity by 90 per cent before 2100.

However, many experts opposed the idea of ​​injecting gas into the atmosphere to mitigate the effects of global warming. The idea has been described as a “dangerous interference in the climate system”.

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