Playoffs: Week 14 Qualifying Circles

Playoffs: Week 14 Qualifying Circles

The regular season still has five weeks, but it’s time for some owners to think about the future.

Over the coming weekend, all three teams have a chance to qualify. This will obviously be easier for some. The cardinals have their destiny at hand.

AFC Conference

Qualified : No.

No qualifying environment this week.

NFC Conference

Qualified : No.

Arizona Cardinals (10-2) (vs. LA Rams (8-4))

Arizona qualified

ARI success or draw or
MIN loses or pulls + SF loses or
MIN loses or pulls + no loses or no draw + car loses or draws or
SF loses or pulls + NO loses or pulls + ends in ATL / CAR draw

Green Bay Packers (9-3) (vs. Chicago (4-8)

If Green Bay wins NFC North:

GB wins + MIN failures or balances
Lose GB Drags + MIN

Green Bay qualified for the playoffs

GB Win + No Failure or Balance + SF Failure or
GB wins + NO failures or balances + LAR failures + SF draws

TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS (9-3) (Against Buffalo (7-5)

If Tampa Bay wins NFC South:

Tuberculosis Success + No Failure or Draw

If you qualify for the Tampa Bay Playoffs:

Tuberculosis pulls + car loses + no loses + MIN loses + SF loses or draws + WAS loses or draws

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