New Testament – Latin America, a continent under Beijing’s appetizing US influence

New Testament - Latin America, a continent under Beijing's appetizing US influence

Elections are taking place in Latin American countries these days. The distinction between the far left on this continent (Venezuela Venezuela) and the far right wing governments with Bolsanaro in Brazil is remarkable. In the second round of the presidential election Will take place on December 19th.

The second variant distinguishes between states where the conditions of the electoral process are highly undemocratic (in Nicaragua, on November 7, Santinista Daniel Ortega was re-elected President of the country. Without any resistance) And, like Honduras, others that take place in an alternatively peaceful manner Nomination of left-wing candidate Siomara Castro On November 28 he was held in high esteem against his right-wing opponent.

Apparently, the shadow of the United States covered the entire Latin American continent. We know that Trump was very close to Bolsanaro, and we suspect that Biden has a very different view. What is the attitude of the current President of the United States to his neighbors in the South? Beyond the first issue of his administration with the region of illegal immigration, do political leaders facing Chinese developments have a real plan for the region?

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