MotoGP Jack Miller competes in Australia Video: “I had so much fun”

Jack Miller

Jack Miller has chosen a specific plan for his winter vacation. So, instead of being lazy on the edge of the water in a dream setting, he decided to continue wearing leather and helmets to record a match track. This is how the Ducati officer celebrated his reunion with his comrades who had not driven since 2019 due to a health crisis. He looks back on this experience, where he made no effort to take real risks in an ASBK, where we did not reward ourselves …

A fall, a great fear, but only one stage, here is the officer’s balance Ducati After his meeting a Australian Superbike Championship Its starting point was certainly not created by amateurs. With one Ducati Panigale V4R Within a group of standard electronics equipped and newly formed, Jack Miller In racing, so to speak, like a sensible amateur, he loved it. He was with comrades, his friends and his parents on his land.

I was having fun “, He said Miller About his stay near Adelaide. He added with a smile: ” Race 1 was not so much fun, but luckily I had a motorbike It is recalled that he then fell after contacting the opponent. ” In the second match, I almost curled up in the beginning, Because the clutch is unusual for me. ASBK’s level is always high, Wayne Maxwell is a great driver. I tried to challenge him as much as I could, but I knew he would be strong. The same goes for Glenn Alerton. These guys work well and their motorcycles run well. It would be wonderful if something came back to me in 2022 “. So all you have to do is issue an invitation …

Jack Miller

Jack Miller had an experienced motocross home team

Jack Miller Supervised by the motocross team, he was very active mainly in his hometown of Townsville and motocross … ” They are all dynamic, but more in motocross. It was so strong to see them do a decent teamwork under the pressure of the weekend », Guaranteed for MotoGP Rider ⁇ We also received excellent advice from Ben Henry and Troy Bayliss of Desmosport Ducati. It’s a surreal weekend and a great way to end the year. I would love to do something like this again “. The second call of the quarter is so …

Miller Will continue to race for the Ducati factory team at MotoGP in 2022. When his career at GP Paddock comes to an end, he will no doubt be welcomed at the World Superbike Championships. TO 26 Many years ago he drove the Panigale V4R with standard electronics and qualified for second place on the stage.

Sprint racing resumed after the first run was stopped and lasted only three laps. Miller Pole Wayne finished second behind Maxwell, but was knocked down by Aidan Wagner. In the second match, Miller He finished third behind Australian champions Maxwell and Glenn Allerton. Not too bad!

Jack Miller

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