He claims to have created Bitcoin and has now won a lawsuit;  Is he "Satoshi Nagamoto"?  - Biz

He claims to have created Bitcoin and has now won a lawsuit; Is he “Satoshi Nagamoto”? – Biz

Have you heard of Craig Wright?

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Illustrasija: Lightfield Studios / Shutterstock

Illustrasija: Lightfield Studios / Shutterstock

Craig Wright, a computer scientist who claims to be the inventor of Bitcoin, has won a civil lawsuit against the company of a former business associate who died, claiming he owed him half of Bitcoin worth more than $ 50 billion.

The court ruling means Wright can hold all 1.1 million bitcoins, Cnet writes, and Zimo writes statements.

In 2013, Wright’s friend and associate David Clemen’s company told the court that they had created Bitcoin together.

Although Wright could keep his bitcoin treasury, the court ruled that he should pay $ 100 million in compensation for unpaid intellectual property to W&K Information Defense Research, a joint venture founded by Clayman and Wright.

Wright has been claiming for years that he is Satoshi Nagamoto, which is actually the nickname of the mysterious creator of the world’s most famous cryptocurrency – Bitcoin.

1.1 million bitcoins were one of the first bitcoins to be obtained through crypto mining, and experts say that anyone who has been involved in bitcoin since its inception could certainly access the aforementioned $ 54 billion digital wallet containing the aforementioned bitcoin treasury.

However, the issue of Nagamoto’s true identity has not been determined at trial, and both sides claim that Wright is partly or fully responsible for the creation of Bitcoin.

However, Wright has not yet accessed the aforementioned digital wallet containing 1.1 million bitcoins, which is really practical and proven, he’s actually Satoshi Nakamoto.

Lawyers for W&K Information Security Research are satisfied with the verdict and $ 100 million in damages.

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