Hamochi offers an exceptional subsidy to security personnel

حموشي يصرف منحة استثنائية لموظفي الأمن
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Hespress from RabatWednesday, December 8, 2021 – 20:33

Director General of National Security Abdellatif Hammouchi decided to provide an exceptional financial grant for 2021 for the benefit of all female staff and national security personnel working in various central departments and regional leaders at the national level.

This exceptional financial grant comes against the backdrop of an interest in encouraging female national security personnel to make greater sacrifices to serve the security issues of the homeland and citizens-19.

It is expected that within the next few days security services will begin to provide this exceptional grant from the budget of the Directorate General of National Security.

It is noteworthy that the Directorate General of National Security has been active in recent years in providing this type of exceptional funding, in order to consolidate the social support provided to the National Security Family.

National Security Abdel Latif Hamouchi COVID-19 Subsidy
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