CJ Mccollum was plagued by a worrying health problem and left indefinitely

CJ Mccollum was plagued by a worrying health problem and left indefinitely

On an NBA night marked by several valuable posters, the party received a stigmatizing message: CJ Mccollum was suffering from a health problem that would set him aside for a while. We take part.

Jack Chirac would say, “Shits fly in squadrons,” and Blazers certainly would not contradict him. GM Neil Oshley has been fired for mismatching Mayonnaise between Chauncey Billups and his cast, and Damian Lillard’s soap opera continues to express uncertainty in Oregon, which is bad news for CJ Mccollum.

The Ohio native is actually suffering from a rare health disorder, according to the claim that it was caused by an injury sustained during the Blazers’ game against Boston on December 4. Shams Sarania broke the news, which apparently worried fans:

CJ McCollum suffered a lung collapse

Trail Blazers full-pack CJ McCullum tells the owner that he suffers from pneumothorax (lung collapse) and will be subjected to additional tests.

Certainly, pneumothorax causes abnormal presence of air around the lungs. The look may be arbitrary or follow a particular chapter – in this case, the match against Boston. Urgent or emergency treatment may be necessary at times because this medical condition can lead to serious complications if left untreated and out of control.

Forecast for a friend’s match return Damien Lillard McCollum will appear in the back court after further exams. Unlike “classic” basketball injuries, this is a rare, unprecedented case that makes it difficult to predict the severity of the condition.

The full-back doesn’t need it, as he already has to deal with constant business rumors and coveted restrictions and his wife’s complicated pregnancy, which he rarely sees due to his relentless travels. In short, a gentle period for one of the players most respected by his teammates.

C.J. Bad times for McCallum, we wish him a speedy recovery. Hope to get promising news soon.

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