Australia’s fertility rate has never been lower

Australia's fertility rate has never been lower

According to demographers, the uncertainty associated with the epidemic, especially in the economic front, is likely to lead to a 5% drop in fertility rates by 2020. That indicates that the rate has dropped to 1.58 births per woman Sydney Morning Herald.

Australia is not aware of this. “Even in the darkest years of the Great Depression”, Is cautious on Sydney Morning Herald. Fertility rate in the country by 2020, according to the daily report “1.58 births per woman is down 5%, the lowest on record”.

This decline is explained by a sharp decline in the birth rate of the 3.7% line in 2020 compared to 2019, as the title suggests, and accordingly the reason for this trend is clear: “Uncertainty created by the Govit-19 epidemic.”

Long-term effects

Whatever happens, the impact of the epidemic will leave an indelible mark on the country’s population, and more Sydney Morning Herald, Interviewed by Demographic Analyst Liz Allen. According to him, many of the difficulties directly or indirectly linked to the epidemic are mainly economic “Starting a family or choosing the size of this family avoids potential parenting, which can have long-term consequences for them and the country.”

A long-time follower of the “zero govt” strategy, the island-continent has held the world’s longest prisons since the beginning of 2020, especially in Melbourne. However, in this city, which is the second largest city in the country, the number of children has dropped significantly.


Founded in 1831, “The Morning Herald of Sydney” is a general and factual title. Its Sunday edition is of excellent quality.

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