Security Grab Thieves (Video)

Security Grab Thieves (Video)
The Directorate General of Homeland Security, Public Relations, issued a statement: “On 12/1-2021, two masked men broke into a grocery store in the Bab al-Raml area of ​​Tripoli and forcibly abducted them. Weapons, 5,000,000 LPP. L. So he, with a third person, fled to an unknown place.

The media and social networking sites spread news and video documenting the process, which raised fears and anxieties in the hearts of citizens.

The report added that “as a result of intensive investigations and investigations, two key culprits have been identified as ML (born 1999) and S (born 2002) with a history of theft.”

He continued, “On 12-3-2021, after surveillance and control, the unit’s patrols were able to make simultaneous arrests in the areas of Bob al-Raml and Kalamun. They seized an army rifle and a motorcycle. He is using it to loot.”

During the interrogation of them, the task of arresting him is underway after he confessed to carrying out the aforesaid robbery with the involvement of an armed, undercover, third party.

The communication ended with, “Legal action was taken against the detainees and the relevant note was confiscated on the basis of a competent judicial note.”

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