Forgive the betrayal? How to act if your partner cheats on you

Forgive the betrayal?  How to act if your partner cheats on you

A Relationship It is based on mutual trust. When violating the promise to be trustworthy and a Treachery, The health of the couple may be severely affected.

The The most common causes of infidelity They are associated with communication problems within the couple, lack of love or sexual dissatisfaction. They can be given when attracting another person or in revenge for a previous betrayal.

When a Treachery, The couple faced a Very complicated situation Manage and deal with. In a betrayal, trust is betrayed and the contract of love and individuality is broken. It is characterized by high levels of frustration, frustration and emotional pain.

Tips for coping with the situation

Before a lawsuit Treachery, There are many Advice We can implement and help cope. Experts recommend here

be quiet. When we realize betrayal, the first thing we feel is confusion mixed with anger and pain. That is why it is important that we distance ourselves from the distance and do not react hot, but breathe in and out calmly.

Unload the load. It is important to let go of the steam in these moments, whether it be crying, screaming or looking for a way to express the emotions that come to us in those moments.

Talk to your spouse. After we calm down and brave, we can talk to our partner about what happened. You need to express what you feel during this time and listen to the explanation. It is important to raise all doubts that may arise

Leave it for a while. Another important step is to take the time to think about what happened, but also how it makes us feel, how we value the relationship so far and other relevant aspects that will help us make decisions about the future of the relationship.

Decision making. It ends when you make a decision after infidelity, which can include continuing the relationship and trying to deal with the situation or breaking up with your partner.

There are many cases that people decide Sorry For betrayed couples, but in all cases it is not an easy task and it requires a lot of work and the will of both.

This is important at this point Communication And this Conversation, And knowing how to recognize emotions that arise to manage them properly. In this sense, a Professional psychologist This will help to divert the couple’s situation.

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