For time reasons, NASA is providing more manned spacecraft to SpaceX

Crew Dragon Resilience, l'un des nombreux que la NASA et SpaceX utilisent pour les vols spatiaux habités commerciaux

SpaceX received an early Christmas gift from NASA, which announced that the company had won additional contracts for manned orbiting aircraft in 2022 so that the US space agency could meet the deadline.

“NASA plans to release a single source modification for SpaceX to acquire three additional manned aircraft for the International Space Station. [ISS], As part of your plan Business Team Transportation Skills (CCtCap) ”, refers to an excerpt from the Declaration. “Extra-manned aircraft will allow NASA to maintain US capability without restriction of human access to the space station.”

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The Crew Dragon Reliance is one of the many uses of NASA and SpaceX for commercial human spaceflight.
The Crew Dragon Resilience spacecraft is one of the many designs used by SpaceX in orbit: Elon Musk’s company wins contract for three more manned missions to ISS (Image: SpaceX / Courtesy)

NASA did not say this directly, but the word “change” meant that the contracting company already existed, but for table and schedule reasons, the agency chose to switch suppliers to SpaceX, which already has experience in delivering commercial aircraft. Groups mandated by the Agency.

The “leading company” in this case is Boeing.

Six years ago, NASA agreed to contract ISS with six manned aircraft – three SpaceX, three Boeing, at which time the project began to develop. Starliner. SpaceX, the only company to operate aircraft under contract so far, will surpass its original premises in the second half of 2023. Boeing, on the other hand, has not yet solved many Starliner issues and has not even had a test to verify. Its orbital capabilities.

In December 2019, a test flight conducted by Boeing had several software issues. In mid-2021, another aircraft was canceled due to problems with 13 stainless valves. Based on all of this, NASA, which plans to launch a commercial launch of the ISS every six months, suspects that Boeing will be ready to use Starliner by 2023.

“NASA commends Boeing for continuing its investigation into the antioxidant isolation valves discovered prior to the unmanned test flight to the ISS in August, prioritizing the protection of time as he struggles to meet that challenge,” said Business Director Bill McAllister. Space travel on NASA. .

Question test – Orbital flight test-2 – The Starliner will be an unmanned aerial vehicle test to assess whether it can travel beyond Earth. After that, it will have to carry out the implementation work with people that should not happen before 2023. Only after the success of the test with these men can Boeing be “officially” launched by NASA.

Although aircraft have been relocated from Boeing to SpaceX, NASA has reaffirmed its intention to operate alternative aircraft while both Crew Dragon and Starliner are operational.

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