Dialectical: Officially Ordered 'The Boys' Animated Spin-Off

Dialectical: Officially Ordered ‘The Boys’ Animated Spin-Off

Amazon has officially announced the forthcoming release of the Prime video animated series “The Boys: Diabolical”, an eight-part set set in the universe of its hit series.

The announcement was made by Carl Urban, an actor who played the role of Billy Butcher, in the promotional video for the Amazon group dedicated to the series.

Eight episodes were written by The Boys’ producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg and its creator Eric Kripke, but also by highly talented artists such as rapper Awkwafina, screenwriter Justin Royland (Rick and Morty), and actors Andy Chamberg. (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Ilana Glaser (Brad City) and Aisha Tyler (Wilwire). Garth Ennis, author of the comic book The Boys Inspired, was also involved in the project.

“Surprise! We’re almost done with eight episodes of our animated series Diabolical. We rounded up some amazing designers and set a rule for them … Fun, no rules. They exploded and delivered eight episodes that were completely unexpected, funny, shocking, horrible, sticky. , Moving … Do You Think The Boys Are Crazy? Variety.

Diabetes is expected on Amazon Prime Video in early 2022. Note that Season 3 of The Boys, which airs later this year, does not yet have a release date.

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