Boeing 30 737 Max sells “primary property of low cost airlines” to 777 partners

Boeing 30 737 Max sells "primary property of low cost airlines" to 777 partners

The 737 Max is a new business success for Boeing, which is gradually reversing its setbacks. US-based investment firm 777 Partners has ordered 30 additional 737 MaxJet aircraft from US aircraft maker for $ 3.7 billion. The Miami-based company has leased aircraft to airlines and invested in several low-cost airlines and other aviation-related companies, with a portfolio of 68,737 MAX.

Josh Wander, partner at 777 Partners, said: “We believe this aircraft will be the primary asset for low-cost and low-cost aircraft, especially in the aviation sector, with less than 200 seats.” Speeds up its search, “he added. The company announced an order for 24 737 MAX aircraft in March, placing orders from August 8 to September 6.

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A Boeing spokesman told AFP that all 30 aircraft announced on Thursday were part of the option. These are mainly 737-8-200, which offers 210 seats. Boeing’s flagship aircraft, the 737 MAX, experienced a turbulent period after landing around the world in March 2019, following two close quarterly crashes that killed 346 people.

Between these setbacks and the epidemic, the aircraft manufacturer canceled nearly 650 MAX orders in 2020. But by the end of 2020 the aircraft was approved to fly back to the United States, and then by most air regulators. Boeing was able to land 583 orders between January and October, which accounted for about 80% of its commercial airline order book for that period.

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