The Ever After Garden returns to Mayfair for Christmas 2021.

The Ever After Garden returns to Mayfair for Christmas 2021.
By Lily Ariadne | 12/06/2021 at 5:23 pm | Updated 12/06/2021 at 5:34 pm

The Ever After Garden returns to Mayfair from December 1st to 23rd to honor loved ones who lost this year and at the same time support cancer research.

The “Memorial Park” has reopened. Made up of 25,000 glowing roses, Grosvenor Square offers visitors the opportunity to pay tribute to one or more people who went missing this year, while donating to the Royal Marston Cancer Charity.

Memorial Garden that appeared in 2019

Ever After Garden was conceived and designed by art director and designer Michael Howells. His friends who passed away in 2018, writer Camila Morton and designer Aya Hindmarch wanted to make the creation of this garden in his memory a reality. It was born in 2019 and has since been covered by 10,000 glowing roses in Grosvenor Square. In each of them, visitors can donate a minimum of £ 10 to the Royal Marston Cancer Foundation, engrave the name of a lost loved one and dedicate a rose in their memory.

“Ever After Garden was born out of the need to pay tribute to those we lost this year. It was named after the filmmaker who designed the edits (Michael Howells)” Any Hindmarch said in 2019. However, this garden should be unique to everyone. “It’s a garden for everyone,” British Camila Morton said in Vogue paragraphs: “It’s about remembering a life, not how you lost it. “

The number of roses planted this year has doubled

Due to the epidemic, the installation was forced to end in 2020, but it will return in December 2021. Nearly two years later, especially with human losses, the garden will grow to 25,000 roses this year. The garden is open daily from December 1st to 23rd.

Admission is free and donations start at £ 10. You can go there and donate and donate roses or do it online Here If you can not move.

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