Photo When London, England becomes an island again

The Rolling Stones en 1968 par David Bailey.

The 6th edition of this International Photo Exhibition, due to Govt., Has tightened its grip on the British public and values.

Special Ambassador to London

As Artparis The foreigner in Paris, who reached two consecutive falls in 2020 and 2021 despite the epidemic, dared to reverse the 6th edition of Photo London, held from September 9 to 12, 2021, at Somerset House, on the shores of the Thames in London. As before! Or almost. The administrative and hygienic procedures for entering and staying in the UK are greatly barred: PCR testing before departure, even for those vaccinated in France, on-site testing in D + 2, must be ordered before departure, secret forms. .. everything. Must cross the channel.

Beyond this barrier, which creates almost forty practice on the size of the Big Island, amateurs were able to reconnect with London, a very gentle capital under the sea breeze carried by the river and its waves. And photography with the charm of London, in the old days, photography in precious salons where there were ceramic roses.

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