Minor leagues: Otto Lopez named Canada’s top hitter

Minor leagues: Otto Lopez named Canada's top hitter

The 2021 season of Otto Lopez is one of the most important for young expectations. After attending Blue Jays training camp, he made his way to Montreal AA, where he was very successful. He was eventually called up to the AAA and also received a short tenure in the Majors.

Its progress was significant and it did not pass quietly. The Canadian Baseball Network He was awarded the Randy Eglin Award for his Canadian opportunity to distinguish himself in the small leagues.

His .315 average in Manchester and Buffalo made him a logical candidate. The fact that it did not play in 2020 (COVID-19) and had similar results in 2021 should be underlined.

Of the nine first-place votes, Lopez received no less than eight. Edward Julian, a young prospect for the Minnesota Twins, received the other first-place votes associated with his big season as a juvenile.

This is the fourth honor bestowed on Quebec. In 2019, Abraham Toro won the award, and for the next two years, Vladimir Guerrero was the junior recipient.

Oscar Tavernas (who unfortunately passed away today) won in 2012. Names like Tyler O’Neill, Brett Larry and Dalton Bombay have earned this honor for many years.

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