Machinex inaugure son tout dernier centre de tri en Australie

Machinex opens its latest sorting center in Australia

Machinex has opened its latest curbside recycling center in Seaford Heights, South Australia, in collaboration with the Southern Regional Waste Management Authority (SRWRA – Southern Regional Waste Resources Authority) and Re.Group.

The installation, along with sorting equipment provided by RDT Engineering and Machinex, will process 60,000 tons of recyclable materials per year from local municipalities. Beyond the recycling of materials such as plastic, paper, metal and glass, the Southern Regional Sorting Center (SMRF – Southern MRF) has set up an initiative to recycle recycled glass in asphalt and concrete.

RDT Engineering has selected its long-time Canadian partner Machinex as a computer coordinator for the project, equipping the plant with key high-tech equipment such as seven MACH high-spec optical partitions, two MACH ballistic separators and two additional screen separators.

David Roland, RDT Engineering’s President and CEO, said his company is very proud of its long – standing partnership with Machinex. “Machinex technology is an integral part of our projects in Australia and New Zealand. We are pleased to install the new SamurAI Sorting Robots currently in the Adelaide Sorting Center. This innovation will increase the efficiency of the system and make it one of the most technologically advanced sorting centers in Australia. “

For his part, Jonathan Maynard, Vice President of Sales and Strategic Stabilization at Machinex, said the close collaboration between RDT Engineering and Machinex over many years, from one project to another, makes it possible to achieve the best results. “Their long experience in integrating recycling technologies is essential for the optimal performance of this sophisticated system. Congratulations to RDT Engineering and Re Group on the success of this project.”

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