In South Korea, there is a high school to train e-sport players

South Korea, especially recognized for its ability to create video games, is also an incredible reservoir of e-sports players. And in Seoul, a school was born. It aims to train future coaches, players, and all players in the highly lucrative field of electronic sports.

It is an actual training center for video games, created by the American e-sports company Gen.G (Generation Gaming) in 2019 in the high-quality district of Gangnam. “Clearly, this is a high school dedicated to e-sports, The director of the school, Joseph Pack, explains. Students come here and graduate from high school (bachelorette) … “

“The goal for them should be to be a professional athlete, or if they do not, to get a scholarship to go to a university in the United States.”

Joseph Pack

to franceinfo

Because obviously, not everyone can become a professional. 19-year-old Dong-jun Yi is a video game fan League of Legends, And only 200 have been selected in the Korean first division.

“When I applied to come here, considering the teaching job, I saw that I was a teacher, in the field of education, I did not think I wanted to be a professional player, now I am studying sports. I want to work in coaching, marketing or business. I want to work in this field. I want to. “ Cost Opportunities: $ 25,000 per year or more per year at International High School in Seoul.

A student day at an e-sport school is divided into two parts. On the one hand, an afternoon dedicated to the most classic life, English lessons, math or video games in the morning. Like dividing the school between classic classrooms, the others are full of computers where young students spend hours playing, analyzing, commenting and reviewing their games. A video game-centric career known to Dong-jun Yi for two years.

“In addition to the hours I spend here, when I get home in the evening, indique Dong-jun Yi. I play video games for three to five hours. But this time is not only spent playing, I also watch a lot of professional competitions or other content related to gaming. But if they can turn it into one of the pro teams, the time spent in the game will rise to ten to fourteen hours each day.

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