The woman sucked the cat in front of everyone on the plane

The woman sucked the cat in front of everyone on the plane

Special permission is required to take pets on board. Accordingly, they have separate space to place.

However, the recent Delta Airlines flight from New York to Atlanta took everyone by surprise.

A woman is said to have taken off her shirt and sucked the cat in front of the flight attendant and other passengers. Many complained to the flight attendants.

However, some complained that the woman continued to breastfeed despite the flight attendants’ ban.

The woman was traveling from Syracuse, New York to Atlanta, Georgia. Sat in front of Delta Airlines. Near it was a hairless cat wrapped in a blanket. From there he suddenly picked up the cat and began to breastfeed in front of everyone. The cat began to let out a sigh.

The other passengers were uncomfortable in the incident.

The matter came to light when a Twitter user shared a text message sent from the cockpit to the airport office. The message said: The woman sitting in the 13th seat is breastfeeding the cat. Not asked even after the ban.

A passenger on the plane confirmed the incident on Twitter, saying it was true and that he was on the plane.

Source: New York Post

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