"The situation is not right for me": trade in the West?

“The situation is not right for me”: trade in the West?

Coming up on December 15th, the actual trading period will begin. In the West, we need to carefully monitor the situation in Spurs because a player is ready to demand his departure.

In just 10 days, the NBA could experience a major change. From December 15, players who signed a contract last summer can be traded, enough to give some teams ideas. When bad guys want to do some good business, shooters always want to be strong.

Then there are others, who have to manage players who are not currently very happy with the staff. This is the case with Spurs, for example, with Tadius Young, who came into the famed business of Timaro Teroson last summer. The problem is, the interior is not very happy with its current situation.

Is Spurs trading?

Landing in Texas is not really the inside of the old bull, but it is part of the game. Young Chan doesn’t play much on the bench in Antonio and talks about it publicly. In front of journalists. At least 33 years old, it is clear he does not plan to stay long.

Currently the situation is not optimal for me. I have never seen myself in a situation like this where I have to settle for 4/6 minutes per game. If I get the minutes, I can stay for many years to come. But I don’t have a lot of minutes right now.

The clear message from Young, who played 14 minutes against the Warriors this Saturday. Bonus? Success, it is clear to Greg Popovich’s men. According to Thaddeus, no one knows if his playing time will be regular, especially with the upcoming trading period crucial.

In fact, the player is in the final year of the contract. Considering his words and his use, one might think that Spurs would try to exchange him, if there was at least one picker. We have to be patient because the deadline is next February. Until then, expect some rumors in Texas.

Thaddeus Young says it openly: he is not happy with his situation at Spurs. A trade is possible, to see if there are any owners Interior interest. We will know more very soon.

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