Staff at Nusr-Et, London’s Snobby Salt Bae Restaurant, see the surprise £ 10 tip in front of diners

Staff at Nusr-Et, London's Snobby Salt Bae Restaurant, see the surprise £ 10 tip in front of diners

Salt Bay expensive food is worse than Weatherspoon steak, the guest said after the arrogant staff refused the £ 10 tip.

After relentless negative reviews, the London restaurant of Instagram consciousness now has two out of five stars in the Trip Advisor Travel Bible.

Customers have repeatedly complained that London’s Salt Bay restaurant is worse than Weatherspoon.

The Turkish chef, famous for his elaborate salt sprinkling and precious gold-plated steaks, is again served by diners.

One guest, Matthew Hines, wrote in TripAdvisor: “The only reason we came here was to prove that it was popular because it was exaggerated.

“We only give 30 minutes to finish the meal, it can only qualify as robot and fake.

“The meat had little flavor and we got the best steaks in Weatherspoon on Steak Day!

“Also, the assistant asked us if a tip was possible. When we offered 10 they turned it down and shook their heads.

“Continue the Big Salt Bay process. “

After opening its Steakhouse brand around the world, including London, Salt Bay caused a stir in 2017.

Celebrities including stars Wayne Rooney and TOWIE have flocked to Knightsbridge’s main restaurant.

However, Salt Bae has been the target of numerous complaints, with some customers shocked by their £ 37,000 food bill.

The channel has recently been criticized for abusing its staff.

Recently, many diners have approached TripAdvisor and complained that celebrations such as birthdays have been spoiled despite bookings.

Sarah wrote “absolutely disgusting service” a week ago after her table was rejected despite booking.

He said: “The management is very rude and I will seek legal advice. I wouldn’t even give them a star. “

The couple echoed Sarah’s complaints: “We booked a table for 8 people, got a confirmation, came back later and were told we had no booking.

“It was recorded 8 weeks ago and it was for a birthday. I’m so angry that the service is disgusting.

“Do not disturb / waste your time.”

Earlier, the couple said it was cheaper to fly to their Turkish restaurant than to pay for their main product in London.

Features include Golden Burger for 100, Golden Giant Tomawak Steak for £ 1,450, Golden Giant Striplian for £ 1,350 and Golden Cafஸ் for 500.

Nasret recently admitted that the gold leaf at £ 1,450 steaks did not really improve the taste.

“Totally tasted”

Najla said her crew had to wait 30 minutes outside in the cold at the newly opened Knightsbridge restaurant.

She said, “The materials and the whole experience are absolutely frustrating. “

“We only had 3 burgers and 3 drinks and some starters, and the bill was 385 because they were so expensive, but not too rude and professional !!!”

Another dinner cost over 2,000, but the experience left bad taste.

The person said, “The food is very average.

“We had a special Nazareth, caffeine, baklava, onion flower, giant tomahawk, 4 cocktails, water and kunef.

“I will evaluate based on the amount of cooking.

“The staff were friendly, but also a trick; they made annoying noises as they cut our baklava. We felt treated like children.

“I think this place is for the elite who find themselves in a completely different social hierarchy. I have 1 star because I can not justify how much I spent on what I got.

Salt Bay – nicknamed Nusred Cox – now has 28 restaurants in his name, and he is currently overseeing the opening of his latest restaurant in Saudi Arabia.

Some customers have complained that if they are unable to make a reservation, they will have to pay a 40 cancellation fee.

SALT Bae’s new restaurant with £ 400 steaks in Saudi Arabia, also known as ‘wasting money’ by diners – he gave it 1.7 stars.

Salt Bay now has 28 restaurants and is currently overseeing the opening of its latest location in Saudi Arabia.
Salt Bay now has 28 restaurants and is currently overseeing the opening of its latest location in Saudi Arabia.Credit: theodolls / Instagram

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