Not Australia? “You’ll know soon enough”

Not Australia?  "You'll know soon enough"

In the Davis Cup semi-final against Serbia, Novak Djokovic, who left Madrid on Friday, admitted that he was “very tired all year” and did not want to reveal his plans for the start of next season: “You know soon.”, World No. 1 Australian Open (January 17-30) Djokovic has so far refused to comment on the status of his vaccine, as organizers have formalized the vaccine obligation and taken a public stand against the vaccine.

Do you have any regrets about the second half of the season?

The season ends today (Friday). I have never regretted any match I played. I did what I could as always. Playing for the national team is a separate dimension for me. Unfortunately, singles success alone is not enough. I never regret anything in life. I especially try to learn from difficult times like this. Although they are painful, they are usually the best opportunities to grow strong and tall.

How did you approach this crucial twin?

We knew from the beginning that this match would be a very tough one. If we play in doubles, we know we will not be favorites because we played the best pair in the world (Mectic and Pavic), players who always play together, who know each other well, who are duplicitous, and focus only on that. To win the Davis Cup, you need a doubles team, otherwise it will be very difficult, it’s a lottery. Like climbing Mount Everest.

When are you going to restart the competition in 2022?

I will try to use the next few days to recover, relax, and forget about tennis. I’m so tired this season and all this year. I understand you need to get answers on where and how the season is going to start, but let’s see what the future holds. I can not give you a date, but obviously the Australian Open is coming soon, so you will know soon.

(Essential / AFP)

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