Les Tuche 2, American Dream: Was this film really shot in the US?

Les Tuche 2, American Dream: Was this film really shot in the US?

When the movie Les Tuche 2: the American Dream airs on TF1 on Sunday, December 5, 2021 at 9:05 pm, Télé Star will let you know if this cult comedy was actually filmed in the United States. .

Released in theaters in 2016, Image titled Les Tuche 2: The American Dream, Worn Jean-Paul Rowe and Isabel Nandy, Airing Sunday, December 5, 2021 from 9:05 p.m. TF1. Directed by Olivier Baroux, The film is a sequel to the cult comedy துச்சே, Released on the big screen 5 years ago. In this 2nd episode, Donald, the youngest of the siblings, “Coin-currency“, Theo Fernandez starred on screen, Goes to Los Angeles for a month to improve his English. On the campus of the University of Los Angeles, he meets Jennifer, the daughter of the famous American financier Ron Carrington. She loves her so much, it seems to each other. Donald feels inspired by the opposite family to himself He is forced to lie about the little shy Tucson, Firmly believed that the two families would never meet.

During the meeting, Ron declares to Donald that he does not want the Carrington family status and wants to see his daughter again. Then they get involved in the game of chess, Donald Ron is impressed, he reviews his decision and gives it a chance to join the Epsilon fraternity, which is very valuable and Ron himself was a part of, and takes it under his wing. Donald announced to the Tucson that he wanted to extend his stay, Then prepare a surprise for him and travel to Los Angeles for his 16th birthday without saying anything. The comedy was a real hit during its theatrical exploitation Gathered over 4.6 million viewers.

Les Tuche 2, American Dream: A shoot split between France, USA and Canada

Since most of the sequel takes place in the United States, So the shooting took place across the Altantic. Scenes have been recorded in places like Los Angeles, Las Vegas and the state of California. Most of the film was also shot in Canada, In the cities of Montreal and Mirabelle. Specifically, the first city to describe the American dream in California in the film was the city of Montreal taken from the Jack-Cartier Bridge. The California Institute of Higher Studies Loyola Campus of Concordia University. What else, The Carrington family actually live in Westmount on the outskirts of Montreal.

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