Australia: Man attacked by crocodile escapes with his pocket knife

Australia: Man attacked by crocodile escapes with his pocket knife

U.S.No deserving display Crocodile Dundee ! The 60-year-old will long remember his frightening encounter near a remote river on the Cape York Peninsula in northern Australia. The man had gone fishing last week on a five-hour voyage from Cairns to his home near Hope Vale, and he chased a bull from the shore to settle there. Then the crocodile struck.

“When he was about to launch his fishing rod, he described seeing a crocodile just seconds before he was to be tapped,” the ministry said in a statement. As the crocodile’s jaws wrapped around his shoes, he clung to a swampy branch in a desperate attempt to stay out of the river. But he was soon defeated in battle and dragged into the river.

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The injured man goes to the hospital alone

“After entering the water, the man said he recovered his knife from his belt and stabbed the crocodile in the head. The man then went ashore and went to the Gugtown Township Hospital for treatment. He was airlifted to Cairns Hospital by airlift, where he recovered another week later Is coming.

Sea crocodiles, or “salt”, can reach seven meters in length and weigh up to a ton, characteristic of the tropical north of the vast country. Their numbers have exploded since they were declared a protected species in 1971, and recent attacks have rekindled debate over their control.

Wildlife officials who interviewed him on Tuesday confirmed that his injuries were compatible with a crocodile attack. They did not try to catch the reptile – it was dragged to the area by the presence of the bull – because it was so far away. This area, known as the “Land of Crocodiles”, is a scene of relatively frequent, but rarely dangerous attacks.

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