What is PRINCE 2?

PRINCE is an acronym for ‘Projects IN Controlled Environment’. PRINCE 2 is the second version of PRINCE certification. PRINCE 2 was developed by the UK government as a project management method in 1996. It has now become a standardized certification program for project management across the world, mainly in the UK, Australia, and Europe etc.

PRINCE 2 project management methodology consists of 4 key elements –

  • 7 Principles
  • 7 Processes
  • 7 Themes
  • The project environment

The seven principles of PRINCE 2 Certification are –

  1. Consistent business justification
  2. Experience learning
  3. Defined roles and responsibilities in project management
  4. Manage by stages
  5. Manage by exception
  6. Focusing on products
  7. Alterations according to the project environment

The seven themes of PRINCE 2 are –

  1. Organisation
  2. Quality
  3. Business Case
  4. Plan
  5. Risks
  6. Progress
  7. Change

The seven processes of PRINCE 2 are –

  1. Starting a project
  2. Initiating
  3. Directing the project
  4. Controlling a particular stage
  5. Manage the delivery of products
  6. Managing stage boundaries
  7. Closing the project

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Is it worth it?

Thousand times yes! This course is worth every penny you invest in it. It is concerned with a flexible methodology to manage projects regardless of the country. It is ought to be an essential certification for delivering projects in the project management sphere. It will improve your chances of getting projects nationally and internationally.

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Our PRINCE 2 certification course highlights –

  • Learn skills from the best project managers from the UK
  • Get to apply the PRINCE 2 methodologies in real-world project management
  • 32 hours live sessions
  • 32 PDUs on PRINCE 2 course completion
  • More than 90 hours of self-learning offered
  • Assessments, case studies and mock tests offered for thorough revision
  • Lifetime access to course material

Exam Fee – The exam fee is included in the Knowledge Hut course fee.

Why one should go for PRINCE 2 certification course?

PRINCE 2 certification course has got various benefits like –

  • Flexible methodology – Most professionals suggest PRINCE 2 certification for its flexibility. It can be used for any project regardless of the industry, size and type of project.
  • Salary hike – Your average salary can increase up to 2 times or even more with this certification course
  • Expeditious course – Both foundation and practitioner courses will not take more than 50 hours of yours. You can also prepare for this online or by investing only some part of your day.
  • Better project manager – You will be preferred over non-certified professionals in all scenarios.
  • Job opportunities – undoubtedly, it will make way for many more opportunities for you.

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