PlayStation is developing a new service to compete with the Xbox Game Pass

PlayStation is developing a new service to compete with the Xbox Game Pass

That you PlayStation Pro Where Pro Xbox, Must be admitted Xbox Game Boss It was a master stroke Microsoft. The subscription service allows subscribers to access a list of games on both consoles, PC and Cloud, but enjoy exclusive games Xbox Game Studios Upon release. For his part, Sony Provides equivalent service with PlayStation now, But it was very disappointing for the players. The service offers relatively few recent titles, offers strong partnerships with third-party publishers, and does not require players to play older titles other than through the cloud.

However, the newspaper Bloomberg Recently revealed that things are going to change Sony Interactive Entertainment. In fact, the American company will be working on a new project Spartacus. This program will allow players PlayStation, By subscribing, access the list of latest and classic games (old titles so). According to US newspaper sources who asked to be anonymous, the service should be available on both PlayStation 4 And on PlayStation 5, We hope you will experience less hassles with the arrival of the official online store PlayStation In France.

Always then Bloomberg, Service (we do not know this Spartacus Will be the last name) to be launched next spring and will merge the two subscription services Sony, PlayStation now And PlayStation Plus. A priority, service must be provided 3 separate prices:

  • Provides access to the first online game and “free” games each month, as it already does.
  • The second will add access to a larger list of PS4 and PS5 games
  • The third will allow players to find exclusive demos and game streaming Cloud gaming And games from time immemorial PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP.

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